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Official Showaddywaddy Blog

November 30, 2012


Welcome to the new official Showaddywaddy blog, to run in conjunction with


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  1. Keith Hudson permalink

    Great idea Paul

  2. Barbara Dorman permalink

    Fab looking site Paul. So excited to finally get my hands on the box set, and well worth the wait, a must for any SWW fan to have in their collection.

    • Thanks Barbara. Not sure how the Blog will work out, but hopefully there will be enough here to keep people interested! Paul F.

      • ian permalink

        has paul Dixon left showaddywaddy

  3. Joanne permalink

    Seen the guys last night In Bolton OMG the guys were brilliant what a night and the box set is just fab and I have drove 4 hrs home with the live cd on in car and now home have it playing here to if you get to a gig be sure to pick your copy up its out if this world and well done everyone on it cover and cd itself its brilliant

  4. Keith Hudson permalink

    So whos willing to buy me a live CD?, money up front?, they aren’t my way for ages and i cant imagine 1000 copies lasting long 😦

  5. Sandy B permalink

    hi , yeh saw the guys in Bolton on friday , awesome as usual. Have also got the new box set n live cd & both FABULOUS!!!!

  6. Jennie Evans permalink

    Another great idea, Paul :D. The live CD sounds great too, but not sure 1000 copies will last ’til I get to see the guys again :(.

  7. Philip Battersby permalink

    great show in bolton on friday and topped of by meeting all the band members after the show. got the new live cd signed and had photo’s taken. Hope they make some more live cd’s because some fan’s will miss out. Let’s hope we get a live dvd to finish of 40 great year’s of showaddywaddy. Keep on rocking and a rolling always and forever.

  8. Keith Hudson permalink

    Hmmm see a live cd has already made it to Ebay!, IF there are only going to be 1000 copies people should be limited to one maybe?

    • Philip Battersby permalink

      Just seen it on eBay Keith that as been put on soon as its been bought at the Bolton gig. Feel sorry for fans that will miss out on the cd I am lucky I’ve got mine. Hope they make some more.

      • Whether they will press any more live CDs I don’t know. If they sell like hot cakes it would make sense to knock some more out. Lets see, you never know.

  9. Diane burgess permalink

    Latest nights show at Chesterfield was fantastic very good

  10. Sandy B permalink

    Shrewsbury on friday nite was awesome , in mor ways than one , but despite being HOT the guys gave it evrything as per usual .. thanx & roll on the next one!!

  11. Keith Hudson permalink

    Got my CD now 🙂

  12. Gez permalink

    Just back from Newcastle the boys are fab well done

  13. ian permalink

    has paul Dixon left sww

  14. hi, went to both Dundee and Glenrothes gigs …. fabulous nights …. went back to Glenrothers specially to get the groups Live CD … as didnt get one at Dundee Gig … same happened at Glenrothes 😦 .. shame all CD’s had sold out as was hoping to add this to my collection

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