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Welcome to the Showaddywaddy Blog, which will feature posts that don’t belong on the official website (, or that are too long to go on Twitter.

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  1. Keith Hudson permalink

    Will be a useful place methinks 🙂

  2. Lisa permalink

    Would be great for a dvd like the greatest hits ones to come out to celebrate the 40th year and glad its being considered at last!

  3. would love to get dvd but am now too ill to go to shows anyone get me one money garanteed

  4. Julie Headley permalink

    Have waited since a child to see this band as been an avid fan, so bought tickets to go 5 days before christmas 2013, The Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton Dec 20th, at a cost of £20 each for my partner and I. The excitement was building up, I have been gigging for some 34 yrs and was really looking forward to a bit of rock and roll! How disappointed were we both to find they had come on early with no support band so we missed the first 20 minutes or so, then to find out they are NOT the original line up, only two remaining we think? They ommit to mention this in their adverts! They ( the band) had ordered the staff in the concert venue to shut the bar, only to open at intervals! We were not allowed to stand up cos got told off and sent to back of room to dance like kids, when venue normally is an all standing venue, then the band had lots of kids out of the audiance dressed as Elves on the stage, I actually thought I was at the local pantomime or Butlins holiday camp!!!! There definately was rock and roll for us that night, as treated like kids, no alcohol, no dancing or standing, and I wonder why their write up said they had been accused of being Prima Donna’s! I suggest if they want that kind of atmosphere when fans walk out in digust they book an afternoon venue at the Grand Theatre, and not our local concert venue, and I also suggest they admit they are not the original line up on advertising, saying they have been going 40 yrs, the lead singer isn’t even nowhere near 40!!!! We will not be seeing them again!

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for the post.

      The band don’t always have support bands on (depends on the venue I think), but nevertheless the “doors open” time will have clearly been stated on the ticket so it seems you were in fact late in arriving.

      The original lineup has not been in tact since 1984. Dave Bartram left the band 2011, and this is well publicised on the official web site and other places, eg the band’s Wikipedia page. Also the adverts, flyers and posters for the band clearly show the line up and as you can see Dave and some other “originals” are not present.

      With being such an avid fan as you state, I thought you might have known this?

      The band play at theatres up and down the land and in my experience it’s common practice for the bars to close during the performances, so I think it is unlikely that the band “ordered” this – I don’t think they could care less whether the bars were open during the performance or not, because I guess most people who have paid for a ticket to see an event would be in the theatre watching the event, not stood in the bar.

      If you were told to sit down and not dance then that will be down to the theatre staff not the band! I’ve seen the band at loads of theatres over many years and they actively encourage dancing!! Although I appreciate that is not fun for those who just want to sit, so I guess it was the theatre staff who noticed this. The band are hardly likely to break off in the middle of the gig to tell people to sit down!

      I’ve seen no write ups with a mention of ‘prima donnas’ and in fact the guys are thoroughly decent blokes!

      It seems to me that much of your frustrations are misguided!

      Best Regards
      ps the singer is over 40!

  5. Steve Thorpe permalink

    Oh dear – poor Julie! Not a great experience for her seeing the guys live…as you said though Paul it seems her expectations were set a little higher than the rest of us living on planet earth!

  6. Lesley permalink

    i would reiterate what Paul say Julie you really cant be that big of a fan if you don’t read what the ticket says about opening times etc spend time in the bar instead of taking your seat to enjoy a show that is gobsmackingly brilliant you really need to check out the site Paul do’s a great job at keeping everything up to date and introduce all new band members etc and i think Andy Pelos would thank you for saying that he was nowhere near 40 he is a great singer dancer and a brilliant entertainer i would suggest you buy tickets for next show near you and enjoy a brilliant rock and roll night

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